The opportunity to increase your production output is closer than you think. Key Products designs and builds special assembly and press machines, as well as other assembly tools and attachments, to meet your exact application needs.

Key Products assembly machineOur team of expert engineers and technicians produce efficient, streamlined solutions for a variety of customers looking to improve or enhance their assembly processes.

This machine presses dowel pins, bearings, and ball plugs into a machined casting. It incorporated hydraulic press units with load cell force feedback and linear position transducers.

Press force vs displacement is monitored. Pass/Fail criteria is set based on depth of press and can be changed by the customer.

The assembly machine seen here simultaneously installs oil seals, dowels, bearings and other components into a finish machined engine block.   It includes force vs. displacement sensor feed-back for verification of installation quality parameters to ensure 100% quality compliance.

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