Since 1967, Key Products, Inc. has been assisting machine builders and manufacturers by providing top-performing precision, multi-spindle, and special machining head attachments. We build quality machine accessories that you can trust.

Product Examples

Multi-Spindle Drill & Tap Heads for Machining Centers

Key Products provide top-of-the-line head attachments with premium features, such as:

  • Cast Almag Gear Case Construction
  • Available with Cat. #40 or #50 Input Driver
  • 4″, 6″, or 8″ Diameter Housing
  • Spindle Position to Suit
  • “ER” Collet Integral with Spindle ~ ABS or HSK also available
  • Adapter Shanks Designed for Milling Machine Tapers, Straight Shank or Special
  • Spindles Made to Accommodate Quick Change, Pitch Compensating or Floating Tap Drivers
  • Gear Ratios to Balance Out with Feed Rates
  • Anti- Rotation Device to Suit Customer’s Machining Center
  • Optional Coolant Manifold ~ Through the Drive Coolant
  • Hardened Drivers, Gears, & Spindles

Special Attachment Heads

At Key Products, we supply a versatile range of large combination drill/tap, quick change pot, and uniquely customized machine heads that can accomplish numerous application types. We produce a range of special machining heads, including:

  • Universal Heads
  • Milling Heads
  • Special Drill Heads
  • Angle Heads
  • 90 degree heads
  • Swivel
  • Indexing Heads
  • Adjustable Heads
  • Machine Tool Heads

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Key Products can design and fabricate special or standard machining attachments to meet precise criteria. Browse our Idea Book to view some examples of past projects.