Are you searching for a trustworthy provider of high-performing workholding fixtures? Look no further than Key Products, Inc. We offer custom, heavy duty fixtures to meet your desired production needs and requirements.

Four-Sided Fixture (3-Parts Per Side)

A, B, C, & D positions. Multiple angle machining is required in this automotive application. Each side presents a part at a different angle to the machine spindle.


  1. Internal and external piping to hydraulic cylinders, sequence valves, and work supports
  2. Rotary union for remote actuation of fixture components
  3. Two machined edges for lineup with machine pallet
  4. Tooling Ball for lineup of part to machining program

One-Sided, 4-Part Fixture

Fixture to locate and clamp an automotive transmission part.


  1.  Internal and External piping
  2. Accumulator coupling to allow machining without continuous connection to hydraulic source
  3. Two machined edges for lineup with machine pallet

Other Tombstone Fixtures

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